A lesser-known Hanoi museum is aimed at honoring the nation’s women


Vietnam is on the list of very few countries across the domain of East Asia that honor the role of women in society, or let’s say a female-dominant social order. Because of such, two museums in both of the largest cities in Vietnam have been open with a view to praise our mothers and grandmothers, as well as their essential presence in each aspect of life. This time following a Hanoi day tour, Vietnamese Women’s Museum is about to lead you through several important milestones in Vietnam’s history as well as multiples cultural rituals, customs, and acts relating to the Việt ladies are brought to your vision.


Vietnamese Women’s Museum

A brief introduction

Vietnamese Women’s Museum was officially founded in 1987 and operated by the country’s women union. The site opens on Lý Thường Kiệt Street, which takes you only around 500 meters from the city’s Central Lake. The initial functions of the museum were made for research, conservation alongside with the display of both tangible and intangible heritage of the Việt females. In addition, it is a center for cultural exchange between Vietnamese and global women targeted at equality, growth, and serenity. Since it was open to the public once again in 1995, the place has been auspiciously held various expositions and serving countless of both Vietnamese and international visitors each year. The museum is found with a roundup of more than 25.000 objects and items which are relevant to the country’s women lives. At the end of 2010, Vietnamese Women’s Museum re-operated its constant exhibition after a duration of four years of renovation with three basic topics: women in the family, women in history and last but not least, women’s fashion.


Entrance gate

What can you find if taking a Hanoi group tour to the site?

The newly upgraded Vietnamese Women’s Museum is now aimed at delivering a better chain of displays. Visiting this recently modernized Vietnamese Women’s Museum, visitors will have a chance to witness more than 1000 materials, objects, items as well as photos and images displayed in the exhibition. By having a real insight this way, you may be led to detailed stories about the life of a Vietnamese woman through rituals and customs in marriage, childbirth and family life, which can be seen as their most fundamental roles in the past. Not to mention, visitors can also encounter historical and contemporary figures and characters, women of the warfare, or simply take this visit as a chance to observe on-site merchandise which is full of national cultural identity created by the Vietnamese women themselves. Apart from regular exhibits, Vietnamese Women’s Museum board of management operates variable special, themed events with a new approach to social anthropology. This is expected to reflect the development and diversification of current society through programs aimed at various different groups, especially vulnerable women as well as disadvantaged children.


Áo Dài – Vietnam’s traditional costume


Ethnic costume


Mother religious belief

With an aspiration to bring the museum closer to the public, Vietnamese Women’s Museum hopes to grow its diversity in terms of educational activities and public projects along with the act of increasing its communication activities to reach public in a broader scale. In 2012, Vietnamese Women’s Museum was proud to be listed as “One of the best attractions in Hanoi in 2012” by TripAdvisor, one of the most prestigious world travel platforms. In 2013, TripAdvisor once again picked Hanoi Vietnamese Women’s Museum in its top 25 most interesting museums all over the region of Asia. “Worth a visit – touching stories” is the message that TripAdvisor platform wanted to offer to its audiences when it came to the illustration of Hanoi Vietnamese Women’s Museum. In response to the tendency and interest of visitors, the museum is always trying to make better improvements with a view to becoming an international-famed museum and a tourist attraction that is worth a visit by both domestic and international visitors. A Hanoi cycling tour will even enhance your interest when combining the museum in its itinerary.


An occasional event


Explore Hanoi on two wheels

The female-dominant community has been such an appealing topic to discuss as well as to dive deeply into Vietnamese like us. This was an initial form of society even before the first dynasty in the country was born. Hence, if you want to be a smart traveler rather than a sightseeing tourist, do consider putting this venue in your list of upcoming Hanoi trip, and a Hanoi biking tour will surely help chase your regular boredom away.

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