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A tailor-made family tour in Hanoi


Vietnam offers great holiday tours for family traveling. The country has made itself to top 10 safe destinations for holidays in the world. When you travel to Vietnam, there is no doubt that you should visit Hanoi, the beautiful capital city of the country, which is a great choice for a family tour.

Being there for over 1000 years, Hanoi is a city of ancient buildings and traditional culture. There is no greater place in the whole country that brings you the true feeling about Vietnamese culture than Hanoi. It’s the heart and the soul of the country. The cuisine, the custom, the architecture, all the things that lead you to a fancy and unique world will interest not only adult but also children.

Hanoi - The capital city of Vietnam

Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam (Source: Internet)

If you travel with your family, a tailor-made tour is a number one option. You can make your travel plan by deciding what you would like to do and where you would like to go. An itinerary will be prepared for you that exactly matches your preferences. You just have to give some basic information like when you are planning to travel and for how long, your budget and your special interests. Tailor-made tours in Vietnam are becoming a hot travel style for many reasons.

Hanoi is a perfect combination of modern and tradition with ancient houses alongside skyscrapers and high-standard facilities. If you are into culture and history, there are some popular attractions like Independence Square, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum as well as hundreds of museums and temples. There is also luxury shopping mall or beauty center for your relaxing trip. If you are a nature lover, just travel to the suburban area which only around 50 kilometers from the city center where many ancient villages are located. There is definitely something for everyone.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum (Source: Internet)

Children might be a big concern for a family trip. Don’t worry. There are many recreational areas and amusement park for kids in Hanoi that would absolutely keep them interested. And the fast-food stalls all around will please the most fastidious kid. For youngsters, join the crowd for a glass of draught beer on the street of Ta Hien to feel a vibrant nightlife in Hanoi.

Ta Hien Street at night

Ta Hien street at night (Source: Internet)

In Vietnam, the trend of tailor-made tours is more popular in Ho Chi Minh City. However, in Hanoi, it’s now getting more and more attention. A tailor-made tour usually has a moderate price with a short visit to familiar destinations which is suitable for a family trip in Hanoi. Many travel operators offer various destinations for the tailor-made tour in Hanoi with a very reasonable price. It’s possible to make a one-day tour with only less than 1 million VND to the traditional villages or suburban ecological areas such as Bat Trang and Duong Lam. The activities are simple but still offer a great chance to discover the local culture.

In conclusion, a tailor-made tour for a family trip, with all its benefits, is definitely an option when you travel to Vietnam. Follow hanoitravelreviews so that you can receive more and more information about Hanoi.

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