All you need to know before traveling to Hanoi


Are you planning to visit Hanoi? So, what have you prepared? The followings will provide you some useful information to have a nice Hanoi day tour with the exciting experiences.

When to visit?

The weather in Hanoi is typical for the humid subtropical climate of the Northern area: the summer is hot and wet, the winter is dry and slightly rains. As usual, the hot weather starts from May to September, the cold one is from November to March next year. Between the hot and cold weather, there is the transition period from April to October.


Hanoi in spring

Hanoi has 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. However, the number of months among the seasons is different. These four seasons alternate each other to bring the unique and impressive beauty of Hanoi tour.


Hanoi’s Autumn

For many people, Hanoi seems to be wonderful in every season. However, if you do not want to suffer from the cold and hot weather, it is the best for you to enjoy Hanoi in the autumn, from September to November. At this time, Hanoi is quite pleasant. The natural sceneries are also in the most beautiful period of the year.

Where to stay?

Known as one of the most famous destinations in Southeast Asia, Hanoi has a number of accommodations at the different prices for tourists. If you are at the first time in Hanoi, you should stay at the hotels in the Old Quarter to experience many exciting things at night of Hanoi culture easily. Otherwise, if you want to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, the hotels surrounding the West Lake are the great choices for you with the romantic space and fresh air.


A corner of hotel in Hanoi

In particular, tourists had better book the hotels through the traveling companies rather than rent the rooms directly. In addition, visitors should book the rooms early about two months to be able to choose the cheap and high-quality rooms, especially at the weekend and festivals. Besides, do not forget to ask about the basic services of the hotels to avoid the additional fees.

What to eat?


Bun Cha Hanoi

Hanoi is famous for a lot of Northern cuisines. The Hanoi people usually eat the frugal and light sour dishes, which is opposite to the spicy and sweet ones in other regions. In Hanoi culture, most of the dishes mainly use the diluted fish sauce and shrimp sauce. Some typical foods in Hanoi are suggested in many Vietnam travel reviews such as many kinds of noodles (bun thang, bun cha, bun oc, bun nem, etc), shrimp cake of the West Lake, cakes, and so on.


Shrimp cake of the West Lake

Additional, the green rice cakes as well as jam made from dracontomelon make you eagerly and bring a lot of beautiful memories in the childhood of each person in Hanoi. This is the reason why Hanoi cuisine is considered as the representative of the Northern cuisine.

Additional notes


The lightweight clothes in summer

About clothes: if you have a Hanoi tour in the summer, you should choose the lightweight costumes, and bring hats because the weather is extremely hot. On the other hand, you need to prepare enough coats in the winter. What’s more, you should dress up nicely when visiting the pagodas.


Dong Xuan Market

About prices: If you only want to be window shopping, do not go in the morning. Besides, you only ask the prices and have a bargain when you are sure to buy a product because sometime you will get the hard and impolite sellers, along with the opinion of losing sales all day (they cannot sell the goods all day). Therefore, you can tell them that you want to see more goods before making a purchase decision.


A credit card instead of money

About necessary things: Remember to bring the identification papers such as identity card and driving license. Besides, you need some kinds of medicine, especially the gastrointestinal medicine because your stomach can be in trouble when getting the strange foods. Especially, the Vietnam travel review for you is to bring an ATM card instead of too much money for the reason of the popular stealing status in Hanoi.


Traveling by cyclo around Hanoi

About traffic: many tourists are on Hanoi tours but do not know the way. As a result, the “monster” drivers will take advantage of this to drive you around before letting visitors come to the needed point. Nevertheless, with the support of Google map, you can avoid this problem, or you can ask the reception at your hotel.

The above are some useful information for you to enjoy an interesting Hanoi day tour. Hope that with these, you will have a nice trip to Hanoi with a lot of memorable experiences.

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