Best art streets to visit on your Hanoi day tour


Hanoi is the art capital of Vietnam, so it is no surprise that art covers almost every nook and cranny of our creative, vibrant city and an art street numbers among our 1,000-year-old city's top tourist attractions.

However, there are more highly concentrated clusters than others. So, to ensure you do not get left behind on the streets, we have rounded up the best art hotspots that you should be snapping on your Hanoi day trip. Look up, look around, and look a little deeper next time you pound Hanoi city’s pavement!

Hanoi ceramic mosaic mural                                          

Hanoi ceramic mosaic mural

Hanoi ceramic mosaic mural

Created by a Vietnamese journalist and artist Nguyễn Thu Thủy – who won a prize in the Hanoi architecture contest for her idea of creating a ceramic mosaic along the 800-year-old graffiti- and advertisement-ridden wall in 2007 and completed in 2010 with the help of Vietnamese as well as foreign visual artists, artisans, architects, sculptors, ceramists, designers, the ceramic mosaic mural has been one of the city's favorite pieces of public art ever since.

When Hanoi capital city, which was originally known as Thang Long and founded by Emperor Ly Thai To of Dai Viet, commemorated its 1,000 years of the federation in 2010, Hanoi ceramic mosaic mural was unveiled. Either you love it or hate it, Hanoi ceramic mosaic mural has become an integral part of our capital and such a great place for you to start your sightseeing on a Hanoi day tour. As you might expect, the street art features ceramics produced at nearby Bat Trang and decorative patterns including terracotta structures of boats, dragons, lac birds, fish, pelicans surrounded by mosaic tiles depicting different Vietnamese historical periods along with more modern artworks and children’s drawings.

Snaking just shy of 4 miles along the Red River dyke running north to south to the east of the Old Quarter, this mural not only marks the thousand-year anniversary of the establishment of Hanoi but also holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest ceramic mosaic in the world. How can you let one of the world's largest and free-living art exhibitions pass you by on your Hanoi day tour?

Minimized Venice in Hanoi small alley

Venice in Hanoi

Venice in Hanoi

Located at the small alley in No 68 Yen Phu (Tay Ho District, Hanoi), about 3 miles from the Old Quarter, the giant 3D mural – a minimized Venice created by a lately famous group of the young painter “AQ wallpaper painting” in 2017 is among the finest of its kind in Hanoi.

Once old, mossy walls full of advertising junk but now wearing a new unique “coat” with a giant 3D painting, it is arguably the central point of our city's street art scene. On your travel to Vietnam, make sure to spend a long while checking out every little bit of this overflowing art cluster – a great deal of landscaping on the corner of Venice – everything reminds by-passers or those who are enthusiastic in beautifying the city of the dreamy 5th century city in the northeast of Italy in a harmonious and subtle manner.

Phung Hung Fresco Street – Memories of Hanoi

Phung Hung Street

Phung Hung Street

Having a significant restoration back at the end of November 2017 and looking pretty wonderful at its original location, Phung Hung Fresco Street has become a newly pedestrianized street and a must-visit on your Hanoi day tour.

Thanks to the works of artists from Vietnam and the Republic of Korea, the life-like paintings depicting many scenes of old-time Hanoi is a new cultural and entertainment space for city dwellers. Find one of the longest and largest streets in the Old Quarter that curves to the Ancient Citadel, feast your eyes on some of Hanoi's most high-profile and elaborate graffiti arts, and spend a long while checking out every little bit of the 18 paintings depicting an image of Hanoi in the past and at present.

From a giant 3D painting considered as a minimized Venice to the world’s largest ceramic mosaic mural, Vietnamese artists have been expressing themselves and brightening up urban spaces across Hanoi’ streets for years. 

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