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In the eyes of tourists, Hanoi appears to be a thousand-year-old city with the significant historical and cultural destinations like the Old Quarter, the Imperial Citadel, the Temple of Literature, or Ba Dinh Square. Tourists’ attention is focused on the attractions in the city center but misses to notice the beauty of Hanoi outskirts. Hanoi suburban areas are typical examples of the northern countryside, where locates several traditional villages. The traditional silk village of Van Phuc is among these attractive destinations that your culture tour in Vietnam should never ignore.


Gate to Van Phuc Village

Also known as Ha Dong Silk Village, Van Phuc Village is located in Van Phuc Ward, Ha Dong District, which is around 10 km from Hanoi city center. Nestled next to Nhue River, Van Phuc is the most famous traditional silk village in Vietnam, gaining its reputation for silk products of best quality. Even though the urbanization has become more and more obvious, Van Phuc Village still retains the typical features of Vietnamese countryside: the ancient banyan trees, village’s well, and afternoon markets on the yard of the communal house.

The history of Van Phuc Village dates back to hundreds of years ago. Van Phuc Silk was used to make costumes for the King and his royal families in Nguyen Dynasty. Van Phuc Silk was introduced to the international market at Marseille fair for the first time in 1931. It was regarded by the French as the most sophisticated products of Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia today). The year 1958 marks the first time Van Phuc Silk was exported to the eastern European market. Since then, it has always been highly appreciated and exported to several countries all over the world.


The famous Ha Dong Silk

The reputation of Ha Dong Silk is so enviable that it has gone into several pieces of art. Notably, the 2007-released movie “The white silk dress” that features the image of strengths and patriotism of Vietnamese women in “ao dai” made from Ha Dong Silk has won several national and international awards. 


Van Phuc Silk is of the best quality

Van Phuc Village is undoubtedly a great destination for Vietnam countryside tour. Traveling along the bank of Nhue River, you can easily find the main gate to the village that bears the words “Van Phuc Village”. Nowadays, the village has been developed and become a popular tourist attraction, yet the typical features of Vietnamese countryside are still well preserved. Here travelers can see the most distinctive features of northern countryside such as the banyan trees, the well, the communal house of which roof is featured with phoenixes and dragons, and the red tile roofs of the houses.

Wandering around the village, visitors will be overwhelmed by the multi-color of several silk products that are displayed along the way. Van Phuc Silk is exceptionally light, elegant, and smooth. Van Phuc Silk has a variety of designs with more than 70 types of silk and several patterns. All the shapes and patterns on the silk are the products of the rich imagination and skillful hands of the local talented artisans.


Several silk shops in the village

Nowadays, Van Phuc Silk is still one of the most famous brands in the fabric market in Vietnam. It is the first priority to be chosen when making the traditional clothes, especially “ao dai”. Many of the traditional clothes that Vietnamese representatives have worn in the international beauty contests are made from Van Phuc Silk.

Many families have opened their own shops to display and sell the eye-catching and premium silk, where travelers can buy home the special clothes and souvenirs made of Van Phuc Silk. You can also choose the type of silk and the patterns to make customized items.


Traditional “ao dai” made from Van Phuc Silk

Travelers can also pay a visit to the ancient textile factories in the village to get to know more about the process of making Van Phuc Silk. More interestingly, if you come here in the season of festivals, you can participate in several fascinating traditional activities and games and get a closer approach to the life of the locals.

If you are still wondering where to go in Vietnam, take Van Phuc Village into consideration. The tranquility of Vietnamese countryside and the weaving tradition of this land will definitely satisfy you.

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