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Located in the center of Hanoi, the fantastic capital of Vietnam, Hanoi Opera House or Nhà Hát Lớn Hà Nội has been taken into consideration as one of the grandest buildings for age and is the host of a large number of both Vietnamese and International premier musicians, singers and dancers. Moreover, the house is one of the top destinations for families in Hanoi to spend their weekend or experience Hanoi culture tours together. It is ten minutes’ walk from Hanoi Post Office or The Huc Bridge.

Hanoi Opera House was scheduled to commence in 1911 and was finished in the late years of the 20th century. Erected by the French Colonialist Government, the construction was designed with French architecture reflected on the door domes and the unique Gothic and Mosaic characters with the glassed room. Furthermore, the façade of the opera house was designed with colonial French with a lot of pillars and wonderfully wrought iron balconies which give you a great chance to enjoy the central city’s amazing view. In addition, the exterior is indeed a charming harmony of neo-classical style of France along with shuttered windows and titles friezes as well. As one of the most suitable places for Hanoi family packages, Hanoi Opera House has become a famous rendezvous with almost 1000 seats for people of all ages who are into theatrical performance and classic opera, symphonies, and songs. The theater is moreover known as a popular tourist attraction for both domestic and international visitors.


Hanoi Opera House

The historical aspect of Hanoi Opera House

The opera house is such an amazing building which was erected by the French during the first decade of the 20th century. The famous designers of the construction were Architect Broyer and Harley. Its operation was started on June 7th, 1901 and completed on 9th December 1911, after 10 years of construction. Harley took on the work as a local supervisor while Travary and Savelon is responsible for the construction. Hanoi Opera House covers a huge area of more than 2500 square meters with 34-meter height. The Renaissance-style house was designed based on the Corankta Greek ancient architecture and modeled after Palais Garnier (Opera de Paris) and Tuylory Castle.

In addition, the building is one of the most well-known destinations in Hanoi culture tours because of its important value in Vietnam architecture, history, and its use as well. Indeed, Hanoi Opera House has been a lively historical object of the development of Vietnamese society and culture under French colonial era, one of the vestiges of the architectural development in Vietnam between the end of the 19th century and early 20th century. Moreover, it has witnessed dozens of important political events especially associated with the August Revolution and the beginning of Vietnam Democratic Republic.


Inside Hanoi Opera House

Striking highlights of Hanoi Opera House

Hanoi Opera House has been highly considered as the biggest theatre in Vietnam since it opened. Though the work was modeled on the Opera House in France, it could skip some unnecessary details in architecture which makes it even more attractive and striking. There is the main audience room covering an area of nearly 600 square meters and a large stage. Besides, a lot of small rooms for the special audience were arranged on the central floor. Moreover, when entering the opera house, you would easily see a middle staircase leading to a big hall on the 2nd floor and corridors as well as a sub-staircase on both sides. It is always a good choice to come here at weekends and enjoy the performances during your Hanoi family packages.

A management chamber is at the back of the house which includes 2 rooms for vocal training, 18 rooms for makeup, a meeting room, and a library. After being equipped with new facilities and appliances, the theatre now is opportune for all kinds of performances such as Vietnamese operetta, ballets, classical or reform opera and piano. Moreover, Hanoi Opera House has made excellent impressions on the audience when a lot of crucial international events have been successfully arranged there. If you are wondering where to go in Hanoi, Hanoi Opera House is an amazing spot with the best value of Vietnam from historical, architectural, cultural to fine-art value.

Interior of Hanoi Opera House

The architectural beauty of the building

Hanoi Opera House is clearly a wonderful architectural and cultural relic as well as an amazing artistic spot in this city. This work is a perfect place for your Hanoi family packages that help you enjoy its unique architecture and good composition with your family at weekends.

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