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Explore Vietnamese villages on Hanoi vegetable farm tours


Hanoi is a mixture of old and new with modern skyscrapers, old French colonial buildings, crowded roads, and famous historical sites. However, the suburbs of Hanoi are also interesting for those who love to enjoy the fresh air and quiet atmosphere in the countryside and love to try doing some farming activities with local farmers.

Let’s take a look at some highly recommended Hanoi vegetable farm tours from hanoitravelreviews to get unforgettable experience in Vietnam villages.

Hanoi – Vegetable Farm – Van Phuc Silk Village

The first one in Hanoi vegetable farm tours we want to recommend is Hanoi – Tien Le Village – Van Phuc Silk Village day tour. The highlight of this day trip is the visit to a vegetable farm in Tien Le Village. Tien Le is a traditional farming village situated 20km from central Hanoi. When participating in this Vietnam countryside tour, travelers will have the chance to try doing some farming activities such as plowing, growing vegetables, watering, and fertilizing under the instructions of local farmers.

Van Phuc Silk Village

Van Phuc Silk Village (Source: Internet)






7:30 a.m: transfer from hotel to Tien Le Vegetable Village

Tien Le village

Visit the traditional market in the countryside

Get around the market

Get back to the farm

Work on the farm with the local

Have lunch with the host family


Tien Le village

Getting back to Hanoi

Make a stop at Van Phuc Silk Village

Drive back to the hotel

Hanoi – Duong Lam Ancient Village & Cooking Class

Among Vietnam tours, Hanoi – Duong Lam tour is one of the most interesting day packages that will bring you memorable experiences in an old Vietnam village. Located about 50km from Western Hanoi, Duong Lam is the first ancient village to be recognized as the National Heritage Site of Vietnam. While visiting Duong Lam for your day trip, tourists will be able to observe more than 900 ancient houses dated back over 400 years, learn about the history of the village through stories of the local and take part in an interesting farming tour in Tien Le Village. For those who love to explore the culture and history of Vietnam villages, Hanoi – Duong Lam day tour is absolutely a great choice.

Old House in Duong Lam Village

Old house in Duong Lam Village (Source: Internet)






  • 8:00 am: Drive to Duong Lam village

Duong Lam Village

  • Visit Mong Phu Hamlet
  • Drop in the local ancient house
  • Have lunch at the village
  • Move to Tien Le village in the afternoon


Tien Le Village

  • Visit a local family’s house to enjoy a drink
  • Listen to the elders telling their story and share their memories
  • Try doing some farming activities
  • Drive back to Hanoi

Hanoi – Early bird cycling tour

Though Hanoi – Early bird cycling tour is not a Hanoi vegetable farm tour, it can be seen as an outstanding day package that we want to suggest. For those who love cycling, it is nothing better than a cycling tour along Hanoi tree-lined streets in the early morning. Without noisy crowds, traffic jams, and air pollution from vehicles, Hanoi streets become ideal bike routes for bike riders who love the peaceful beauty of this amazing city. When taking part in this cycling tour, you will be able to have a walk around Quang Ba flower market – an early morning market starting at 2:00 a.m to observe the local trading activities and the daily life.

Quang Ba Flower Market

A stall in Quang Ba flower market (Source: Internet)




Early morning


  • Start cycling along Hanoi streets

Quang Ba flower market

  • Go cycling to Quang Ba flower market
  • Get around flower shops



West Lake

  • Continue your cycling tour to West Lake
  • Go cycling to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and President Palace


Hoan Kiem Lake

  • Stop at Hoan Kiem Lake
  • Observe the local doing laughing yoga

8:00 a.m


  • Come back to the hotel for breakfast

From Hanoi to Tien Le Village, Van Phuc Village, and Duong Lam Village, Hanoi vegetable farm tours can take you to any Vietnamese villages to experience a local daily life of a Vietnamese farmer. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book a ticket to Vietnam right now!

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