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Hanoi Botanical Garden (Bach Thao Park) In the Middle of An Urban Center


Chaotic traffic, crowded streets, towering skyscrapers, and concrete jungle might be the very first thing to come to your mind when an urban center is mentioned, but it is not always that case. An inner-city park makes a good city become better. It’s right when it comes to Hanoi – one of the most bustling urban areas in Vietnam.
What to do after a long day of your Vietnam tour for family is spent walking or taking a cyclo ride around the Old Quarter, sampling Hanoi’s street food, seeing Hanoians in their daily life, and discovering an urban jungle? Sometimes, what your whole family wants to do is so simple – go to a tranquil place where you can enjoy some peace at its best together. Fortunately, our capital city is also home to some picturesque lush green spaces – where people on their Vietnam tours can take advantage of the green space’s revitalizing effects to get escape from the crowded streets and car horns.

Hanoi Botanical Garden – a place to go for peace in the middle of a busy urban center

A place to go for peace in the middle of a busy urban center

Known as one of the oldest parks in Hanoi, the Botanical Garden has a long-term story and somewhat interesting history. Built in 1890 by the French, the Botanical Garden began as less of a park and more of a 33-ha area embraced by a lot of the magnificent French’s villas.
A few years later, the area was transformed into a botanical garden taking up a total area of more than 10 ha where Hanoians go to the lounge, relax, play sports, picnic, and even make friends.

What to do in Hanoi Botanical Garden?

Bach Thao Park

An oasis just about a 5-minute-taxi-ride from the Old Quarter or Sword Lake (Hoan Kiem Lake), the Botanical Garden embraces the green spaces of gardens, lake, and hill.
The greenery in the green lung of the capital is abundant—hundreds of types of trees and plants, both indigenous and imported, which are typical for tropical rainforest such as orchid, coconuts, palm trees, or banyan tree, etc. can be found on the grounds. The park also features a pigeon-raising area, where Hanoians can visit to unwind and feed these lovely animals.
Open from early morning to late evening all year round, the Hanoi Botanical Garden showcases the many sides of Hanoian culture. This park has a picturesque landscape of cycling trails, large pathways, gardens, islets, bridges, and lakes making it possible to take part in a lot of outdoor activities such as skating and jogging.
Like other parks in Vietnam, people on their Vietnam family packages are also likely to find locals and sometimes foreigners singing, dancing, or practicing Tai Chi in Bach Thao Park. In summer, it is busy with locals bringing picnics (permission required). The mosaic seats, the hill, and the bridge are adorned with multi-colored flowers and rare orchids, providing not only a great spot to rest your feet or a specially designed playground – but a perfect photo opportunity.

The abundant greenery in the Botanical Garden

Idle away in Hanoi’s Bach Thao Park by playing chess, practicing early morning or early evening tai chi (for free), picnicking in 10 ha of birds and animals, flowers and plants, visiting the zoo for family-friendly fun, or wandering hand-in-hand along one of the many beautiful shaded jogging trails.
Not only does the Botanical Garden offer an escape from the busy surrounds, the over-100-year-old green lung of the capital city also draws so many locals every day making it such a great place for those who are enjoying their Vietnam tour packages from the U.S. to see how Hanoians enjoy their leisure time as well as have a chance to delve into Vietnamese culture.

Hanoi Botanical Garden

• Location: No 03 Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Ngoc Ho, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi;
• Opening hours: 6.00.A.M. – 10.00.P.M.;
• Telephone: 024 3845 5114.
You can spend an entire day of your Vietnam tour for family exploring the various pagodas, temples, and museums — in the hotter weather, a cyclo ride around Hanoi. But nothing can beat some peace at a tranquil park at the end of your day.

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