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Lan Ong Street Where To Visit To Know More About Traditional Vietnamese Medicine


Vietnam tour for family is an excellent and gentle introduction to our beautiful country. And it is not always all about crowded shopping malls, amusement parks, waterside escapes, famous landmarks, history and culture museums, etc. What is the secret to having unforgettable Vietnam tour packages from the U.S.? My recommendation is that you need to make time for the activities that you find fun on vacation.

You want to know more about the traditional way that Vietnamese treat or prevent health problems? Let’s take a closer look at Traditional Vietnamese medicine and consider your travel with your kids a chance to broaden their understanding of Vietnamese people and societies.


Where to go to know more about traditional Vietnamese medicine?

Traditional Vietnamese medicine is a traditional medicine practiced by Vietnamese people evolved under the shadows of Chinese Traditional Medicine, culture, and rule. It is also one of the great herbal systems in the world, with an unbroken tradition going back to several thousands of years ago.

In the past, Traditional Vietnamese Medicine was only practiced by the poor. Yet throughout its several-century-history, it has continuously developed and changed in response to a wide range of clinical conditions and has been sustained by research into every single aspect of its use. This process continues nowadays with the development of modern diagnosis and treatment but without the use of many of the more exotic ingredients.

Nowadays, Traditional Vietnamese Medicine is still thriving. Not only does it play an essential part of the healthcare providers in Vietnam, and be provided in national hospitals alongside Western medicine, it is also considered as an effective complementary and alternative medicine modality, widely used by consumers, especially the middle class and foreigners.

The origins of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine can be traced back at least 4 or 5 centuries. Compared with the Western medical method, Traditional Vietnamese Medicine takes a far different approach to disease and prophylactic care. Due to its systematic approach and clinical effectiveness clearly perceived and acclaimed for thousands of years, it has, not surprisingly, had a very significant influence on the theory and practice of medicine in Vietnam, and even more recently has grown rapidly in popularity in other countries. In the United States, people find their way to the traditional physician of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine primarily as a complementary health approach when Western medicine is not working for them. Are you planning your Vietnam tour packages from the U.S.? Make sure to visit a traditional physician of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine and bring home some Thuốc Bắc and Thuốc Nam.


Thuốc Bắc Street

Vietnamese often divide Traditional Vietnamese medicine into Thuốc Nam (Southern Medicine) or Thuốc Bắc (Northern Medicine) – which is influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine. It goes without saying that Traditional Chinese Medicine is much more significant than Traditional Vietnamese medicine. And, in most cases, Chinese discipline is also better known than that of Vietnamese and the price of Thuốc Bắc is often higher than that of Thuốc Nam. However, it does not mean that Northern Medicine is better than Southern Medicine.

In spite of the difference, the cornerstone of both Northern Medicine and Southern Medicine theories are based on the observed effects of Qi (energy) and they have long been trusted and practiced by people from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds.


Lan Ong Street in Hanoi

One of the best places to visit on your Vietnam private tours is Lan Ong Street – the Street of Traditional Medicine in District 5, Ho Chi Minh City and Phố Lãn Ông – the road of healing herbs in Hanoi Old Quarter. They are today not only the place for patients to seek traditional medical treatment and pharmaceutical and medicinal to expand their business but are also changing into an attractive tourism destination.

Want to know more about Vietnamese history and culture, don’t miss a chance to know more about Traditional Vietnamese Medicine that used to be a folk remedy among the poor and now is growing as a profession on your best tours in Vietnam!

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