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The best tailor-made private Vietnam tours during seasonal changes in Hanoi


Different from other cities in Vietnam, Hanoi is lucky to have 4 distinct seasons. Each of them has its own exclusive traits. Today, let’s find out about them while taking our most fascinating tailor-made private Vietnam tours.

1. Enjoy the sunlight of Spring – Summer

Sunny Hanoi in summer

Sunny Hanoi in summer

Participating in Hanoi tours, you will probably love summer. It is not exaggerated to say summer in Hanoi is like a painting of sunlight. The sun and its beams appear everywhere and in every corner. The best time to see them is during the changing season from spring to summer, which is in late March and early April.

When spring turns to summer, you will see the day longer than the night. If you open your windows while sleeping, the sunlight will shine on your bed sooner than usual in the morning. And going out to the streets, you will have a chance to capture sunbeams shimmering through spaces between leaves. There created hundreds of paintings of light on the walls of the buildings.

The most beautiful ones must be the walls of French architecture homes, which brings out a new concept of “safe and sound.” You will feel the differences between spring and summer when comparing the temperature in the early morning and at noon. Putting on a light coat when getting to work at 7 am is necessary but you can find not taking it off at noon very bothered.

2. Prepare some light coats for Summer-Autumn

Yellow leaves on the street

Yellow leaves on the street

The first thing that you can notice when autumn comes to Hanoi is the slightly cold wind. The sky will slowly become cloudier and less sunny. Moreover, leaves on tree branches will also turn into yellow, making the capital city of Vietnam look extremely romantic.

The heat will steadily be replaced by a cool climate as well. Hence, the weather will get much more comfortable. That is why countless tourists usually choose the changing season from summer to autumn, which is between June and July, to visit Hanoi. Different from the bustling atmosphere that you often see when in summer, Hanoi in autumn seems to be milder and more graceful.

If you are a romantic person, you will love walking along the streets covered by falling yellow leaves. The most spectacular places are probably around Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, St. Joseph’s Cathedral, and Hanoi Opera House. Although you usually need to walk quite a lot to visit those places, the cool weather will not make you feel so exhausted.

Try having a cup of coffee at a shop near Hoan Kiem Lake and filling your lungs with the autumn air. You will definitely fall in love with Hanoi.

3. Watch red leaves fall in Autumn – Winter

Red leaves

Red leaves

To those who love cold weather, the changing season from autumn to winter is absolutely the best time to travel Hanoi. There is no snow or snowstorm happening but you will still have to huddle yourself up in the chilly wind. It is also one of the most attractive features of this special time.

The atmosphere often gets colder after 3 pm, when the sun does not shine as much as it does in the morning. You will see people start putting on thicker coats and not getting out of their houses without a scarf. If you stay in Hanoi long enough, which is from late September to early October, you will have a chance to watch yellow leaves turn to red.

The changing season is the most appropriate time to see them on branches because they will fall after that. And in the middle of winter, you can only see dried-out plants. During this time of seasonal changes, there is nothing better than having warm foods in some street restaurant or a cup of egg coffee. Watching drizzles while enjoying the most famous drink in Hanoi is always the most exciting feeling ever.

4. Feel the new-year-atmosphere when Winter-Spring

Peach blossom garden

Peach blossom garden

Hanoi when winter turns to spring, which is in late December and early January, is often the season of festivals. You will never forget the bustling scene at Hanoi tourist attractions and how stimulated people are.

The first sign of spring that you can feel is the weather getting warmer every day. Then, flowers begin blooming, especially peach and sua blossoms. Instead of red leaves, the streets will start being covered by the pink and white colors of those flowers. Thus, Hanoi will gradually be full of vitality, making the citizens much more cheerful.

Another thing that you can experience while having tailor-made private Vietnam tours is the atmosphere of Tet Holiday. Everything seems to pass by more quickly and everyone wants to finish their work before the New Year’s Eve. So they can enjoy their holiday with no worries. Shops will start selling decorations and traditional foods, such as Square Sticky Rice Cake and dried candied fruits.

So don’t miss the changing season from winter to spring in Hanoi because you will feel nothing like it in other cities. 

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