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The most unbelievable weekends in night market


The Old Quarter night market is organized on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night every week in Hanoi. It starts from Hang Dao Street, nearby Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square, and ends at Dong Xuan Market. The place has become one of the busiest shopping areas in Hanoi. So what are the most prominent activities that you can do while visiting it?




Shopping in Hanoi night market

Of course, shopping is an inevitable activity that anyone, especially girls, will love to do when they travel to Hanoi. And the night market in the Old Quarter will definitely satisfy you.

There are over 4000 stalls here and you can look for almost anything you want. Garments are the easiest commodities to find. And they have very low prices, which take you only about $1-$2 for each. Although fake products are widely sold, you will still have a chance to buy high-quality goods if you are an experienced customer.

Other items that you may be fond of are accessories, souvenirs, dairy products, and handicrafts. Moreover, in some corners, you will see a lot of street artists who are willing to sketch your portrait. Just sit down and wait for a couple of minutes. You will have the best picture ever. And if you want to buy it, the money that you have to pay is very little.

That is also the best thing that many people love while shopping in the Old Quarter night market. You can buy the whole world without worrying about budget running out. Besides, the sellers here are very friendly. Even when you only take a look at some of their products and do not purchase anything, they still smile and do not show any impolite behavior.

However, in crowded time, which is from 9 pm to 11 pm, they have to introduce and watch out for their products at the same time. So if you really want to buy something, come to their stalls and ask for prices. Be a nice shopper.

Enjoy the concerts



Xam night market

Besides shopping, the Old Quarter night market is the place where you can see special cultural traits of Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular. Attending street music concerts is probably one of the most fantastic things to do in Hanoi for foreign travellers.

Every week, on Saturday night, there are traditional folk art performances, such as “Cheo,” “Xam,” “Quan ho,” or “Ca Tru.” They are very meaningful events to the Vietnamese and organized by Vietnam Musicians’ Association. Those events play an important role in preserving and spreading Vietnamese folk art to young and foreign tourists.

Countless citizens who love traditional culture, especially the old, often come to those concerts early and wallow in profound melodies sung by popular artists. They only leave after the performances are over. Numerous foreign travellers also stop by there for quite a long time to feel a brand new and exceptional cultural trait.

Aside from classical music, the Old Quarter night market is a stage for modern street music. A lot of hip-hop dancing shows, violin concerts, or unprofessional singers’ productions are often found around Hoan Kiem Lake and several streets in the Old Quarter. Music concerts are also an exclusive feature that only the Old Quarter night market can have.

Try unique Asian dishes



Street food Hanoi

Hanoi nightlife can never be complete without food. Visiting the night market, you will not only discover the local’s daily life but also be lost in a paradise of food and beverages. Being set up along pedestrian streets, the large number of stalls selling street food will definitely stun you.

Some of them carry traditional spirit with long-established dishes, such as Pho, Xoi, or Che. The others follow Asian-European style, serving unique food from many countries in the world. You will be able to find special dishes loved by Vietnamese kids over a decade ago. Roasted corns, potatoes, or barley-sugars are some examples.

The food market often opens at 6 pm; however, it is not until 8 pm that the place starts getting more crowded. Therefore, you should come before 7 pm to find a spot in the parking lot and enjoy the eventful nightlife. It is best to spend about 2 to 3 hours to discover the dishes and pedestrian streets.

Also, the food is very cheap. You can have a party-all-night at the stalls, which often opens until late at night. Taking some time on weekends and walking on the streets where no vehicles can disturb you are several extremely interesting ideas. You will find yourself blending in the pleasant atmosphere of people on the streets and feeling the pace of their life.

That can be the most crucial thing that you have a chance to do when you travel to Vietnam. We hope that you will have the most joyful time when you travel to Hanoi.

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