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Top things to do in Hanoi at night (part 1)


Ever been out to explore the beauty of Vietnam’s capital city at night and had such a distinct feeling that somewhere, something awesome is happening? Perhaps rivaled only by the Old Quarter as the city that is even more photogenic and dreamlike than ever after dusk, the heart, and soul of our S-shaped land is also a remarkably democratic place for nightlife. Whether you are looking for a great place for pubs, simply angling for a good bottle of fresh beer on a small plastic chair while watching the softly lit streets and the city rush by, or simply want to blend in the Hanoian crowd at night, chances are something to suit your taste with top things to do in Hanoi!

Visit Hanoi Old Quarter


Hanoi Old Quarter at night

Going to Vietnam’s capital and visit its Old Quarter during the day is simply the best, but you cannot go on your Hanoi tours without seeing the thirty-six streets and guilds at night! Hanoi Old Quarter at night is even more fabulous than its charming image during the day.

The Old Quarter neighborhood is a popular haven for evening outs, with its legendary seductive images to see, its notable food stalls offering you mouthwatering delicacies to enjoy after walking around for hours, and all of the seriously cool feeling every corner you go, especially on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Bia Hoi Corner – the quintessential nightlife spot in Hanoi


Bia Hoi Corner

Without much explanation, the bia hoi scene in the capital city is quite striking, with several bars selling bia hoi, the cheap local draught beer dotted at the intersection of Ta Hien and Luong Ngoc Quyen Streets. As a night spent at this street-corner bar in the Old Quarter of Hanoi is a rite of passage for any vacationers on their Hanoi private tours, when the clock ticks over to the wrong side of midnight, everyone takes up the sidewalk (and much of the road) to drink dirt-cheap Vietnamese draft beers and shoot the breeze to make this burst to life.

But once you find yourself at the intersection of Ta Hien and Luong Ngoc Quyen streets, ordering a massive local draught at the spot for as little as VND 8,000 for a tall glass, you are sure to understand how amazing it is to get a tiny plastic chair to find yourself elbow to elbow with a lot of locals, expats, and tourists looking to down some ice cold beers all night long.

Grab a Bite


Grab a bite

It has been a long day in Hanoi. What to do next on your private tours in Hanoi after getting back from your trip to many famous tourist sites? You do not want to end this night and you are hungry? What can be better than grabbing a bite? The good news is that Hanoians tend to eat dinner early, typically from around 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., and then treat themselves with some delicious late-night snacks. Also, it has got so many restaurants serving till midnight or later that you do not need to book ahead of time to avoid missing out on the best spots. Some of the best are located in the Old Quarter area!

Even though the main attraction here is its Bia hoi corner with its delicious craft brews, for those who are not up for drinks, their local specialties are known to be genuinely tasty. Some reliable favorites include bánh mì – Vietnamese stuffed baguette, cơm rang (fried rice eaten with crunchy pickled greens), bánh cuốn (Vietnamese rolled rice cake), bún chả (vermicelli with grilled meat), and, for those with a sweet tooth, local iced coffee made with sweet condensed milk and the strongest brewed beans.

Ever been out in Hanoi at night? If Ho Chi Minh City is best for boisterous street bars, cheap eats, and good time vibe, Hoi An is preferred by students for its vibrant display of colorful traditional lanterns, and Vietnam’s capital is simply a city with incredibly fantastic things to do at night that caters to all ages, interests and preferred styles.

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