Top tourism destinations near Ha Noi at Tet holiday


Vietnamese holidays are the most suitable occasion to have long trips with friends and families. Particularly, in Lunar New Year or Tet holiday, people are allowed to have few days off, which you can get away from work or school. However, if you don’t have enough time to a long and far travel, you can take the 4 destinations in Northern Vietnam below from hanoitravelreview into consideration.

Tam Dao

With cool weather all year round, Tam Dao is definitely an ideal holiday destination this Lunar New Year. If you are lucky, then when you travel to Tam Dao on cold days, you will have a chance to watch trees and roads covered in snow, just like Northern countries. Otherwise, you can travel here to escape the hot weather in Ha Noi and enjoy the existence of winter. Coming to Tam Dao at Tet holidays, apart from tasting the regional specialties and do some sightseeing, as usual, you can feel and join in the bustling atmosphere of the locals preparing for the biggest holiday of the year.

Tam Dao

Tam Dao from above

Huong Pagoda

Huong Pagoda is located in Huong Son Commune, My Duc District, Ha Noi. For years, it has been a famous tourist destination in the Northern Vietnam every Lunar New Year. At the opening of a new year, flocks of tourists from all over Vietnam come to this pagoda to pray to the Buddha for a lucky new year.

Huong Pagoda

Huong Pagoda festival at Tet

Huong Pagoda not only is a well-known religious place but it also has beautiful scenery. However, the way up to the mountain is quite far, you need to prepare good health for your journey to the Buddha. Besides, on Tet holiday, there are so many tourists coming to this place that you should be aware of suddenly high prices and be careful of pickpocketing situation.

Ba Vi

Mentioning Ba Vi, people usually remember the legend of Son Tinh – Thuy Tinh. Legend has it that in the past, both Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh fell in love with the beautiful My Nuong. To become her husband, they two fought a fierce battle. Thuy Tinh used his power to create storms, raise water in order to defeat Son Tinh. However, whenever the water level rose, Son Tinh made the mountains higher and higher. And finally, after fighting each other for such a long time, Son Tinh won that battle and married the beautiful My Nuong.

Currently, Ba Vi Mountain, which is more than 1000m high, is one of the destinations in the North of Vietnam that worth a visit during Lunar New Year. Coming to Ba Vi, you are free to explore the ancient culture of the people here, simultaneously live in harmony with nature as well as famous tourist resorts such as Khoang Xanh – Suoi Tien, King Pond, Tien Xa Lake, Ba Vi National Park, etc.

Ba Vi

Ba Vi

Dong Van, Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a must-see destination every spring when the whole area is covered by the white color of peach, plum, pear flowers. It seems that nowhere can you feel the intensity of a spring-like here. This is undeniably the number one destination for those who love to explore and have strong love with nature.

Flowers in Ha Giang

Flowers in Ha Giang Dong Van

Once you are here, you will have a memorable experience to be a local in the mountainous area. For example, wake up while morning mist is still in the mountains, taking part in the traditional activities and practices, wearing the local costume and joining the traditional market, etc. In addition to that, at this place, you easily run into local children in colorfully patterned skirts playing in the fields, which will definitely brighten up your day.

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