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Long Bien: Historic Hanoi bridge with an uncertain future

Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge (Source: Internet)

Completed in 1902 and is one of the longest bridges in Asia at that time, Long Bien Bridge, which was designed by French Architect Gustave Eiffel of Eiffel Tower fame, has been a witness to all the historical events that made the capital city like it is today over the past 100 years. Built in 5 years from 1898 to 1902), heavily bombed on several times during the American War due to its strategic placement in connecting Hanoi to the port city of Haiphong, and each time quickly repaired by the Vietnamese, Long Bien Bridge is the symbol of courageous capital in wars.

Not only holding a strategic importance to the control of Northern of Vietnam during the French colonial era, Long Bien Bridge – the symbol to Hanoi in the 20th century, whose construction was finished with the skills of more than 3,000 Vietnamese, is now the most special bridge with unique historic, architectural, and cultural value, a landmark to visit in a Hanoi cycling tour.

 Today, being only one of the five bridges crossing the Red River of Hanoi, this cantilever bridge of Long Bien provides gorgeous views of the Red River if you are adventurous enough to brave the potholes.

Even now, the bridge – a beloved Hanoi landmark still has its poetic significance with all the riders who have to go on the left-hand side; the people living along its bank, selling and buying their products like fresh vegetable or fish from the small afternoon market on the bridge and the tourists, who can take a walk and taste mouthwatering desserts sold by friendly vendors.

Grab your bicycle and camera and head out to Long Bien Bridge at sunrise or sunset for some exceptional photo opportunities and a sense of nostalgic of the old Hanoi!

Quang Ba flower market

Quang Ba flower market

Quang Ba flower market (Source: Internet)

Quang Ba flower-market in Tay Ho district is the floral hub for wholesalers who arrive with bundles of roses and chrysanthemums tied to their bikes and mopeds. With 2 sessions: one from 2 AM to 4 AM for wholesalers and another from 4 AM to midday for retailers, Quang Ba flower market which is the city's largest flower market and the most crowded flower market is bustling all day.

The best time to visit Quang Ba flower market, which is said to be the head-market where all species of fresh flowers gathered from Hanoi’s outer districts and from as far away as Da Lat in Vietnam’s central highlands are bought and sold by Hanoians, is around 2 AM. Coming to Quang Ba flower market at that time, you will genuinely be amazed at the volume of flowers being packed onto single motorbikes. The later you go, the smaller crowd you will see since the flower vendors fan out to all streets of Hanoi and make the capital more colorful and captivating. The sun gets higher and faces are more clearly seen, flowers look more colorful and are sold by retailers on all streets and lanes in Hanoi.

It will be a lot of fun to get up very early in the morning and take a ride to the busy night flower market full of flowers from the common flowers such as rose, daisy, and lily to the imported flowers such as sallow and tulip, their fragrance and locals. Do not expect the exact dress of this flower market! From the city center, go straight Yen Phu street until you see a lot of flowers on your right-hand side.

Besides a place to go for flowers, Quang Ba is also a great site for taking nice photographs.

West Lake

West Lake

Cycling around West Lake (Source: Internet)

What’s next after Quang Ba flower market? It is West Lake, which covers a sizeable part of northwest Hanoi and offers an array of attractions. A pathway circling the lake, making for a great bicycle ride is where you can observe fishermen busy with long bamboo poles and oversize hand reels, to see some very spectacular temples—scattered around the shore, Hanoians walking around its 15-kilometer circumference and to enjoy a coffee while enjoying the breeze that comes across the lake.

If you are looking for a new destination with memorable experiences, a Vietnam tour should always be noted on your itinerary.



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